In the wake of the constant and blatant attack on the human rights on our population, specifically those of color. bear this in mind: 

From being victims of police killings to facing barriers to educational and health equity, African Americans are facing  'systemic racial discrimination' and deserve reparatory justice. 

This is a quote from a United Nations working group. The goal of  The Judicial Violence Symposium is to address these systematic injustices, understand the history, legacy, and connection between judicial violence and race, with specific focus on the function of the judicial system as a state-sanctioned, corporate profit-making enterprise. "Now, more than ever" is the time to take the steps necessary to correct this system. We can not stand by idly, simply retweeting, reblogging and reposting the evidence of our outrage, hurt and pain.

Take a stand with us now. Join the JVS Movement!

Note from the JVS Board:

Today, Thursday, July 7th, we add Alton Sterling and Philando Castile to the growing list of our Black and Brown brothers and sisters that have lost their lives at the hands of our damaged justice system. Our hearts may be heavy, but our spirits are determined! This is why we do this work. This is why we stand strong against judicial violence. This is not new, the slaughter has gone on for centuries. When will we stop it? Now, family. We must stop this now‚Äč!