Co-Host of Connecting the Dots on Harambee Radio

Charles Pitts, Jr was born and raised in Philadelphia. He graduated from West Philadelphia Catholic High School for Boys and attended LaSalle College (now LaSalle University), where he majored in biology. It was during his early high school years when Charles, guided by his English teacher and life-long mentor Thomas McPherson, began to question many of the things he had been taught about education, religion, race, and ethics; this period of discovery continued throughout his high school years and into his early years in college. Finding no support in his endeavors to uncover inconsistencies and outright deceptions regarding the African history, Charles left LaSalle.  He has since dedicated his life to studying the true histories, sciences, and philosophies of the African Diaspora, and how they apply to our everyday lives. Charles has read and studied the teachings of many great thinkers, such as Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannon, Frantz Fanon, and Dr. Ivan Van Sertima.

He is also committed to sharing his knowledge with the larger community. It is not uncommon for Charles to purchase copies of books he feels can further thought and stimulate discussion, and pass them on. In April 2014, along with Dr. Marcus D. Tillery, Charles founded “Connecting the Dots: Science and Technology, Beyond Human Dignity”. What started out as a weekly one hour segment on an internet radio station has quickly evolved into an international movement. Charles helped establish the goals of “Connecting the Dots” to mirror his own: to clear the haze, define the path, and provide a compass to choice and action; to empower our community with insight into the truths that make us who we are and inform the evolution of humanity.

 Charles has worked for over 30 years in the field of mental health and Psychiatric emergency services; he has worked with children, adolescents, and adults; in inpatient and outpatient settings; as front line staff and as a manager. He has been  a director of residential mental health facilities, and a director of residential drug and alcohol treatment facilities. He is one of the principle architect of an involving social service project at the Free Library of Philadelphia and now conducts emergency psychiatric evaluations on a mobile crisis team for the City of Philadelphia. He currently resides in Philadelphia with his family.